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Best body language tips for virtual networking

This week is International Networking week. Many events will be held virtually this year.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The first week of February is International Networking Week. Now that companies have turned virtual, many people are conducting business virtually. To help celebrate International Networking Week, Blanca Cobb and I are talking about the best ways to network on Zoom.

We’re talking body language tips for virtual networking.

When you’re on zoom, you want to be three or four feet away from the camera. This will allow people to see your gestures and upper body. This way you’re not just a bobblehead.

When there are many people on the screen or galley, you might not be sure how to engage with a specific person. You can focus on one person by saying their name with a smile. 

Look into the camera when you’re talking to them. Looking into the camera is equivalent to eye contact. You don’t want to sound boring so be sure to talk with enthusiasm and have an ebb and flow to your voice.

If you’re listening to someone talk then be sure to lean forward. Leaning forward shows interest and engagement with the speaker.

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