Some people say they would give up social media, their phone or their relationship in order to snag VIP tickets to see their favorite musician.

According to a recent survey by StubHub, an online ticket marketplace, people are willing to disrupt their lives pretty drastically in exchange for the right concert experience. The survey found that 42% of people would delete all their social media accounts for a month in exchange for VIP tickets, 35% would give up their phone for a week, 12% would not shower for a month, 11% would pass on a promotion at work, 11% would go without toilet paper for a week — yikes — and 7% would break up with their partners.

It's no surprise that 83% of respondents say that they would prefer to post on social media about a live sports, music, or theater event than about a purchased material good. A 2014 study by the Harris Group found 72% Millennials plan to focus on "experiences rather than physical things" in their future spending.

The study suggests some experiences are more valuable than others. According to StubHub, 70% of Americans would rather meet their favorite musical artist than meet the next president of the United States.

Also in election-related finds, 50% of those surveyed would rather score tickets to see their favorite sports team win a championship than see their preferred presidential candidate win the election. You might want to read that line again.

But who would your rather get a beer with? Seventy-three percent of respondents would rather attend a live event with Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

Whether they head to the show with Clinton or Trump, respondents want their phones in hand. Nearly one-third said that sharing their concert experiences on social media was one of the best parts of attending the event.