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What your online pictures say at first glance

When you post online you’re sending a first impression. Body language in those pictures can say something you may or may not intend.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Whether you’re looking for love or a job, the photos you post on your dating profile or LinkedIn profile say a lot about you. How do you know what message you’re sending with your photos?

Your photos are people’s first impression of you. And people will size you up by your photos. 

Fair or not, they’re making judgments about you. They’re looking at what you’re wearing, your stance, facial expressions, background. These details send a message.

There are a few common mistakes to avoid. 

One mistake is close-up shots that are too close. I’m talking about head and neck photos. You should aim to get at least mid-section and up. 

The second common mistake is black and white photos, aesthetically they look good, but it’s hard to see details like your eye color. And particularly on dating apps and profiles, details are important for the attraction factor. 

A third common mistake is taking the photo from too far away, where the focus is more on the background than you. You’re a small object in the photo. If you want to show your interests, places you’ve visited, or pets, then make sure that you’re the most prominent thing in the photo. 

Remember that your words and descriptions can fill in the blank of what’s happening in the photos.

There are a few body language mistakes to avoid as well. 

One mistake is looking down or looking away from the camera or wearing sunglasses in photos. To make someone feel like you’re making a connection with them, look at the lens because it comes across as you’re looking directly at them. They want to see your eyes. 

Second, when you’re wearing a ball cap, people tend to lean their heads back in photos to help make sure that their eyes can be seen. The problem is that chin up means nose up, which can be interpreted as pretentious or snooty. Take off your cap or make sure that your eyes can be seen. 

A third mistake is showing the same facial expression and body stiffness in all the photos. You’re human, which means you feel a range of emotions, and you’re multi-dimensional. 

So, post photos of you smiling, laughing, having fun. Make sure that your arms are not stiff and rigid by your side. To avoid this, post photos of you doing different activities.

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