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Why pandemic related mental health issues are still prevalent

May is National Mental Health Awareness month and a good time to check-in on how you're doing.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — May is National Mental Health Awareness month, which is very timely as many people struggle with emotional concerns resulting from the pandemic. 

Even though people are getting vaccinated and safety precautions are loosening up, people are still struggling with worries. Vaccines might help stop the spread of the coronavirus but aren’t necessarily stopping the emotional stress.

Even though safety restrictions are loosening, life still isn’t the same as pre-pandemic. There’s a different level of caution that didn’t exist before the pandemic. You had to adapt differently to interacting with others and keeping yourself physically healthy.

To protect your emotional health, you should know and control your triggers. What triggers your worries and anxieties and find ways to deal with them. Is it certain times of the day that you notice you tend to worry more? Or certain situations? 

It’s effective to be proactive and practice deep breathing to re-center and reground yourself. When you use breathing in an actual worry-provoking case, you should get a hold of your anxiety quicker. 

Also, journal – write out your thoughts and worries to see what patterns you reveal.

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