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World Pet Memorial Day: The special bond with our pets

A closer look into the incredible bond between pets and their families.

Today is World Pet Memorial Day. As you remember your pets who are no longer with you, let's talk about the ways pets become special to us.

You and your pet have an emotional connection. Pets find a role or place within your home and become one of the family. The bond between you and your pet strengthens through their loyalty, playfulness, and you taking care of them.

When you have a pet, they have a tremendous impact on your physical and mental health. Petting your pet can calm you down when you've had a rough day, reducing your stress and cortisol levels. Your pet has a way of comforting you by staying by your side or nudging your hand because they want you to pet them. You tend to be in a better mood when you're more relaxed. It's interesting how pets can read your emotions and will do things to make you feel better.

As a member of your family, your pet has companionship, as do you. Dogs, in particular, are pack animals, meaning they tend to live in groups. This is part of why they get excited when they recognize your car in the driveway or hear your footsteps in the house. Dogs and cats will follow you around the house or anywhere. Companionship is one way to let your pet know that you love them.

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