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Facing the things that are weighing you down: Youday

Today we talk about the anchor weighing you down, keeping you from moving forward in your life.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Have you ever felt stuck? Spiritually, mentally, emotionally or even physically? Many times we have let down an anchor somewhere along the way. 

Anchors are a way of telling our soul we are not ready to confront something that may be weighing us down. Whether it’s hurt, betrayal, disappointment, or even trauma, we let down our anchor and become bound at the place of our pain. It becomes a constant reminder of where you left yourself. 

This explains why when we try to move forward, we find ourselves always being tugged back to the painful memories that we have tried to escape. We must face ourselves and face the internal hindrances which have held us captive. We can no longer be our own prisoners. 

It's time to confront. Confrontation is never easy but in order for you to overcome, you must face the very things that have you bound. It’s time to pull up the anchor and free yourself from the past. -Coach LaMonte