CLEVELAND, OHIO - Police in Cleveland say a man was shot and killed Easter afternoon. Facebook later confirmed the suspect, Steve Stephens posted the video after it happened.

Now, several GoFundMe campaigns are popping up for the victim, Robert Godwin Senior.

Godwin's grandson tweeted a note from the family stating none of the GoFundMe campaigns have been started by them.

The Cleveland Police Department said the accounts are scams and not to donate to them.

2 Wants To Know typed in the victim's name and found several campaigns. Most of them claimed to raise money for funeral services. However, throughout the day most of them were taken down.

The best way to protect yourself when donating to a GoFundMe campaign, is to donate to people you know and trust. 

GoFundMe also suggests checking the creators' social media sites. Serial schemers create fake profiles right before they make the GoFundMe campaign. The profile pages are often made with stole pictures. 

You can also do a reverse image search on google by dragging the picture on the account over to