KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- The Planning Board for the Town of Kernersville approved a plan to rezone the area where the FedEx warehouse is located and where a future Amazon facility is in the works.

Planning Board meeting minutes indicate that the property adjacent to FedEx off of Old Greensboro Rd. is "Amazon Property." A later diagram also calls it a "Future Amazon Facility."

The Board approved a request to change the area from General Industrial to General Business, saying it would support the nearby businesses. This includes rezoning two of the residential properties that will become part of the site. The Board of Aldermen still needs to approve the rezoning plan.

It's not clear what the Amazon facility will be, but the Planning Board says the rezoning will help diversify the economic base and create a strong industrial tax base.

"We’re estimating that sometime in the future they will be looking to advertise for jobs and most likely that time the tenant will be finalized," explains Jeff Hatling, Community Development Director for Town of Kernersville.

Hatling says the facility will be 1 million square feet but it's not clear when the project will be done or how many jobs it might bring.

"You’re going to have your office workers, you’re going to have you’re warehouse workers, drivers and distribution," he says. "Most likely multiple shifts, similar to FedEx Ground, where we'll see peak during the Christmas season."

The area has always been a prime spot for productivity. Richard Idol's family lives across the street from the project.

"All past that big mound of dirt that was a corn field and a tobacco field," he explains, remembering his grandparents farm. "They grew tobacco."

The farm now functions as a horse farm and Idol says his family plans to continue operating despite the construction.

"In some ways it’s sad because this was such a quiet road at one time," he says. "I remember them building this road. It’s been a lot of changes. If you live long enough, they’re going to develop the place."

Construction is already underway at the site, with many trucks hauling equipment in and crews laying down concrete.