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Your body language matters at job fairs

Giving off a good first impression matters, no matter if the job interview is in-person or virtually.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — For over 1,000 people in the triad, this holiday season will be a little brighter as Adecco will be filling seasonal warehouse positions. 

With many people struggling to make ends meet because of the economic downturn, people will be vying for positions. One way to stand out is with the right body language.

You might think that job fairs are a bit laid back compared to a job interview so your nonverbals don’t matter too much. I disagree. 

At some job fairs, you can immediately apply for a job. And you never know who from the company will be there. You’re making a first impression on whoever is from the company. Be sure to dress for the job you want. Keep in mind that someone is always watching.

When you’re walking, be sure to walk with confidence – stride, one item in hand, shoulders back, chin up. So many times, people are looking down towards the ground. When you do then you have rounded shoulders, which comes across as unconfident or preoccupied. 

Many people are so serious when it comes to business, but employers want to see you as a person. So, smile. Relax. Show your personality when you’re talking.

There are a few body language mistakes to avoid. At a job fair, you might get distracted looking around or looking at information packets. When you’re not giving your full attention to the person you’re talking to then it comes across as disinterested or disrespectful. 

Not the impression that you want to give. When you show interest make sure that you’re facing the person. When you’re nervous, you can come as disinterested, so you want to control any fidgety behavior.

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