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Helping teens find jobs

Body language expert, Blanca Cobb details best practices when helping young people find jobs.

Some teens hold themselves back when looking for a job because they give up before they even try. They undermine themselves because they don’t think they have the experience or qualifications for a certain job. This is a time in the interview to explain why you’d be good at the job. Explain how your skillset makes up for lack of experience if it comes up.

To stand out in an interview, come prepared with answers to common interview questions. Some questions to think about: Why do you want the job? What do you want to learn? How can you contribute to the company? Have a conversation.

To come across as confident, you want to give eye contact about 65% of the time you’re talking. When you’re talking, make sure to keep your chin up. Many times, teens know to give eye contact, but their head is lowered. When making an important point, you can use a hand steeple where your fingers touch the tips of your fingers. And keep your hands relaxed, which means the natural curvature of your fingers.

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