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BUY IT HERE: Save $50 on Electric Infrared Griddle Cooktop + Free Shipping

An award-winning chef just declared today's small appliance deal as "the best small appliance bargain of 2018." That's not a bad way to start the week!

If you want to substantially decrease your cooking time with a more eco-friendly cooking tool, a new infrared non-stick cooktop can do it all. Your food can actually taste better with an even sear and a safer appliance that makes for perfect cooking.

This high-performing electric grill griddle is a safer and better way to cook and grill. It's highly portable, ideal as an extra burner or something that can be used in a student apartment, RV or for camping if you have a portable power source.

There is no open flame and no burner. The manufacturer called this a "Wolfgang Puck meets the Jetsons" small appliance and I agree. Click the play button to hear from a culinary expert.

Features of the Electric Grill Griddle with LED Touch Control

  • Uses 75 percent less energy than other cooking methods
  • Cooks 50 percent faster than gas and stove top burners
  • Non stick surface (no need to coat or maintain)
  • Perfect for eggs, pancakes, bacon, chicken, pork, steak, fish, veggies and seamless grilling
  • Shuts off automatically if no cookware is detected
  • Safer sizzling: designed with cool touch edges and raised touch controls
  • Griddle and cooktop combo rated top in its class
  • Safe sizzling; cool touch handles
  • Lowest-recorded price

Save $50 on Electric Infrared Griddle Cooktop + Free Shipping

Was: $129.99

Now: $79.99


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