BUY IT NOW: Get the HAVEN Mech Lock for $134.99

Poor locks are often the reason for forced entries. So, instead of using weak or broken deadbolts, HAVEN decided to ditch the lock altogether in lieu of a new standard for securing your home. The HAVEN Mech Lock is a revolutionary foot-activated strip that seals your door at the base and it may just change the way you think about home security.

Haven’s lock is a steel, glass, reinforced nylon, and aluminum strip that you install at the base of your door inside your house. It’s super easy to install and you can engage it by stepping on the foot pedal. When someone attempts to break in, the lock absorbs the force and ensures your family and home stay safe. Oh, and it’s calibrated so only adults can operate it.

There’s a few rules for using HAVEN. First of all, it only works on doors that open inward, into the home. It’s about .8 inches high, so it should fit in the clearance path of most modern doors, but can only sit firmly on hard/clean surfaces like wood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, or concrete. Plus, it’s ten times stronger than a basic deadbolt lock — so just walk inside, step on the pedal, and let your HAVEN keep you safe.

You can save a few dollars and get the HAVEN Mech Lock for $134.99 from now.

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