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You won't find Vlasic's vacuum-fried pickle chips next to the Lay's and Ruffles in your local supermarket today, and there is no guarantee they'll be on shelves in the future, either.

But they might be.

And that possibility was enough to get the Internet churning.

The trade site Food Business News mentioned the pickle chips in an April 11 story about an investor event held by Conagra, the parent company of Vlasic. Several news organizations picked up on the mention on Tuesday and Wednesday and published stories online stating that the pickle chips were being produced and would soon be available to consumers. 

A Conagra spokesperson, however, said the product was still in development.

"At this point, the pickle chips are in our innovation pipeline," she said in an email. The spokesperson said she did not have additional details about a potential release date or price.

The spokesperson did share an image of a pickle chips package that was also included on a slide for the Conagra investor event. The slide notes that the packaging is under development and subject to change.


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