AUSTIN, Texas — Hard boiled eggs are delicious, but imagine having to peel egg after egg after egg. No thanks!

One item claims it can strip those eggs quick -- just shake and peel.

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We put the Egg Stripper to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

The product claims with a few quick shakes it can strip up to five eggs in under 10 seconds.

Chef Vance with Central Market Cooking School can't wait to give it a try.

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The Egg Stripper says by spinning and rotating chilled, hard-boiled eggs in a small amount of water, the nodules inside will remove the shells.

Vance screws on the top and gives the brown eggs a good shake for about five or six seconds.

Some eggs aren't peeled, and others are destroyed.

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Chef Vance tries time and time again but gets the same terrible results.

The Egg Stripper gets a thumbs down.

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