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Pet Nanny: A job created by COVID

Due to COVID, and buying puppies from far-away breeders, this VIP puppy job is a thing.

Employers added 916,000 jobs last month which is the biggest gain since last summer. The unemployment rate dipped to 6%.

There are some companies where they're hiring people back for what were empty jobs, COVID has also created brand new jobs.

Sue Murphy is basically a dog deliverer, but the job title is really Pet Nanny. She delivers dogs from breeders to their new families across the country

Her business has doubled in the last year. For about $500 plus airfare Murphy will see to it a puppy gets VIP treatment to its new home anywhere in the country

Sue will make about 13 trips like that a month. She says she feels safe flying and business is booming-it's busy she's hired her husband to help keep up with demand.


"They've found all kinds of ways to prey on us during this pandemic but this is probably the lowest. One person reported to us that they lost $9,500 on the pet scam," Yates said.

The BBB said puppy shoppers need to do their research and a simple reverse image search on Google.

"See if it pops up somewhere else. In this instance, we were able to find Bella on somebody else's website with three different names and they called it a male," she said.

BBB recommendations for buying pets online:

  • See the pet in person before paying any money. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider a video call with the seller so you can see the seller and the actual pet for sale. Since scammers are not likely to comply with the request, this may help avoid a scam.
  • Do a reverse image search of the photo of the pet and search for a distinctive phrase in the description.
  • Do research to get a sense of a fair price for the breed you are considering. Think twice if someone advertises a purebred dog for free or at a deeply discounted price … it could be a fraudulent offer.
  • Check out a local animal shelter online for pets you can meet before adopting.
  • BBB urges more law enforcement action against pet scammers.
  • The media and public should help to educate those looking for pets online by sharing BBB’s tips and study.

Who to contact if you are the victim of a pet scam:

  • Petscams.com - petscams.com/report-pet-scam-websites tracks complaints, catalogs puppy scammers, and endeavors to get fraudulent pet sales websites taken down.
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - reportfraud.ftc.gov to file a complaint online or call 877-FTC-Help.
  • Better Business Bureau - BBB Scam Tracker to report a scam online.
  • Canadian Antifraud Centre - antifraudcentre-centreantifraude or call 1-888-495-8501 for scams involving Canada.
  • Your credit card issuer - if you provided your credit card number, even if the transaction was not completed.