SEATTLE -- A Seattle-area startup is gaining attention for its efforts at reducing distracted driving. The development of a smartphone tool and application are behind the success.

Entrepreneur Jason Green took KING 5 on a test drive with his Greenlight application and docking station. It’s a video monitoring system that can save consumers time and money if they ever find themselves in a crash.

“If there’s an incident, it’ll automatically detect it and record it for you and save it to the cloud,” explained Green.

The video is recorded continuously in a loop. The app also records certain driving habits anonymously to give drivers a better idea of their behavior behind the wheel.

“When you get in the car, it automatically detects your phone,” said Green. “Then, when you dock your phone in the cradle, it will automatically launch the application. There’s not a lot of similar apps. I think the big thing that makes our product different is that we use a connected device alongside the application. So we provide what we think is the total solution.”

It’s that connected device that not only allows drivers to record a collision, but it also works to avoid one by keeping phones out of drivers’ hands. While the phone is docked, it’s also charging. There are already more than 20 beta testers across the country, according to Green. He is busy working out a few technology bugs, but pre-orders on his website are already coming in.

Green says he is only a few months away from having his app ready to go for consumers.