Southwest Airlines took social media by storm, with flight sales as cheap as $49.

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People want to fly - and they want to save money!

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The cheap Southwest deals are for one-way flights - and there's only two days left to find the deals.

Our Verify team says YES - the discounts are legit.

Southwest is offering short flights for $49 dollars.

Other longer flights can be bought for $79 and $129.

Even some international flights are going for $140 each way.

First off, you have to travel between August 22 and December 13.

The deal doesn't apply to trips on Labor Day or Thanksgiving weekend. (Sept. 1, 4, Nov. 17-28)

Those cheap airfares also aren't available on the busiest travel days – Friday and Sunday.

And there are even more restrictions on when you can fly to and from Florida, Nevada, and internationally.

The sale fares apply specifically to nonstop options, though many connecting itineraries might also show lower-than-usual fares.

Seats sold at the sale prices are capacity controlled, meaning the cheapest seats will likely sell out on individual flights.

Here's something interesting - Southwest's flights from Albany, N.Y., and Manchester, N.H., are excluded from the sale altogether.

If you've already booked a flight that is now available at a lower fare, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines says customers can rebook at the lower fare and the difference in price will be credited for a future flight.