GREENSBORO, NC -- More millennials are turning to their piggy banks instead of investing but money expert, Ja'Net Adams, says that is not a good idea.A recent study says 30% of millennials prefer saving their money in cash instead of investing.

Why? Adams says this practice could be because of first-hand experience. The financial crisis was ten years ago and at the time millennials were 10-27 years old. Adams suggests that this age group could have watched a parent lose a job during the crisis or collected student loan debt from college. Either way, she says, living through this made them trust cash more.

Adams says it's time to throw that fear to the side. "It is wise to have enough money in an emergency fund, but after that use your money to pay off debt and invest for the future," she says. "To the 30% saving only in cash please understand what your parents and grandparents enjoy today like pensions, social security, Medicare may not be there for you in the future so you have to prepare."

The best thing to do, Adams says, is to set a good foundation now so if there's a downturn in the future, you'll be okay.