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What do yesterday's riots mean for our economy?

A North Carolina A&T economics professor weighs in.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Economics professor Dr. Alfredo Romero says to "hang in there".

Sounds simple enough but when we witness riots and violence as we did at the Capitol yesterday it can rattle us. But Romero says to take a deep breath before you overreact to the financial markets.

"The markets may have a short-term hiccup but over the long haul it will all stabilize," said Romero. "If you still have 10 or more years in your retirement funds then you are ok but there will be some short-term volatility when people overreact and pull money out of accounts too quickly."

Romero went on to say that the markets have always had a short=term reaction to major news events but depending on where you are in life determines how you should react.