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Not sure why your friend sent you a Venmo request? It could be a scam!

Not only could a scammer pretend to be your friend asking for cash on Venmo, they could even scam you out of takeout food!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We work hard for our money every single day. So, when someone swoops in and tries to take that hard earned cash from us, it can be frustrating, and scammers are getting creative. 

Lechelle Yates with the Better Business Bureau discussed new scams people may not be aware of. 

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Job scams: 

Employment scams are on the rise in the turbulent job market created by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Better Business Bureau (BBB) study finds. You can expect scammers to be active in September since unemployment benefits are running out.

How job scams work:

  • Scammer will use name of real company
  • They'll interview through an app
  • "Hire" you immediately

Job scam outcomes:

  • You'll do illegal jobs - like reshipping packages

  • Your identity could get stolen

  • You'll lose money from fake checks written to you 

How to avoid job scams: 

  • Research the job offer

  • Examine the email address

  • Do an internet search

  • Consider creating a separate email address

Takeout order scams: 

The pandemic made ordering takeout more popular than ever and scammers have turned it into a phishing con

How takeout order scams work: 

  • You search for restaurant's website
  • Find it or a 3rd-party site near the top
  • You place order & pay
  • Your food never arrives

You call restaurant, but they never received your order because the website was fake. Scammers get your credit card information, address and other personal details through this scam.

Avoid takeout order scams: 

  • Only order from websites you know and trust
  • When in doubt, confirm with the restaurant
  • Use your credit card
  • Take action if you think you’ve ordered on a fake site

Venmo scams: 

A "friend" says they urgently need money. Peer-to-peer apps are becoming safe havens for scammers who impersonate people's friends to ask for cash. 

How Venmo scam works: 

  • Scammers look to see who you've sent/received money to/from in public feed
  • They contact you with a request pretending to be those people
  • Appears to come from real account

Avoid digital wallet scams: 

  • Keep your transactions private 
  • Use money transfer with friends
  • Always double check with your friend before sending cash

The classic scam -- the Grandparent scam: 

  • Scammers pretend to be a grandchild asking for money 
  • Grandparent wires money to scammer

Stay one step ahead of scammers: 

  • Resist the urge to act immediately
  • Know what your family members are sharing online
  • Don't wire any money if there is any doubt about the call