ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C.- Beware of black ice on some roads in the Triad that may have thawed slightly Thursday.

Highways and interstates look clear for the most part, but in many neighborhoods unplowed slush and water is now solid ice.

When News 2 drove around the city of Greensboro, some of those secondary roads were clear for a while, then turn into a mess the more the crew kept driving. The same was the case in Asheboro and up towards Ruffin in Rockingham County.

Rural roads in Rockingham County remain extremely icy.

Chris Burleson said he saw plows out Thursday on his street, but road crews weren't able to make any progress because it was too icy. He stayed home to avoid the messy roads even though it's tough.

"The most difficult part is being here, you have medications you have to get. You have a doctor's appointments you have to cancel,not being able to get to the doctor, not being able to get to the store not being able to get to work and things like that because of the roads that we live on," Burleson said.

For Burleson and others nearby, getting to the main roads is the biggest issue because the back roads still need a lot of work.

He said they are dangerous because they have a thick layer of ice over them and are both hilly and curvy.