GREENSBORO, N.C.-- Juice cleanses, Keto, and Paleo are just some of the latest diets people use to lose weight, but have you ever considered hypnosis?

Therapists in the Triad say it's a real method and their clients are getting real results.

Losing weight is never easy and keeping weight off takes work. So, if you are looking for a quick fix, you'll need to keep searching.

When you hear the word hypnosis, images of a swinging pendulum and a person doing something uncontrollably comes to mind, but therapists in the Triad say movies and shows don't tell the full story.

It's not mind control. it's focused attention, and some clients use hypnosis to lose weight.

"When it comes to hypnosis a lot of patients come in to really figure out why they do certain things, Shirena Smith said.

Smith, a certified hypnotherapist, helps clients figure why they want to lose weight and why it's so hard for them to do it. She does this by entering a client's subconscious mind.

"So if they are trying to lose weight we would ask them what was some sort of event that you may have encountered or experienced where you have utilize food a lot." Smith said.

Smith explains food habits are sometimes a reaction to traumatic events.

Few studies have been done on hypnotherapy for weight loss, but they found participants only lost slight amounts of weight.

Therapists say hypnosis only works if a person is willing.

"You have to be relaxed. You have to have a trusting relationship with the person that you're dealing with. And, you have to want to deal with things that you may not have dealt with in the past." Smith said.

Clients have lost anywhere from 10-50 pounds.