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Does winter weather cause damage to your car?

K&F detailing service in Greensboro, they saiy the salty coating from brine can damage your car.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Are you one of those people who hates going to the car wash? After we get winter weather, do you just pray it rains and washes that salty coating off your car?

Well, waiting for the rain probably isn't the best move.

The roads have unthawed and the snow is just about all gone, but as for your car- it's probably covered in salt and brine still. 

That's why people are flocking to the car wash, as you read this article. Today we learned how keeping your car clean, isn't just about looks. K&F Detailing in Greensboro told us, that salty coating, can really do damage to your car.

KD Douglas is an employee at K&F and she walks us through the importance of keeping your ride clean.

"It's so important to wash the salt and brine off your car after it snows because salt can cause rust to the undercarriage of the car, and it can eat away at the clear coat of your paint causing you to need a new paint job."

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Even if you can't get to a professional detailing service or a drive-thru car wash, you still need to rinse that salt and brine off your vehicle as soon as possible.

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"Further than just cosmetically, it can also affect your brakes and rotors when that salt gets up in the tires. The least you can do is spray it off with water. Literally, anything is better than nothing."

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