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Greensboro Fire Department hosts inaugural Camp Spark for girls

Greensboro Fire is hosting a four day camp for high school aged girls to let them know that there is a future for women in fire service.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The city of Greensboro and the Greensboro Fire Department are providing a unique experience for local teenage girls this week known as Camp Spark, now they are laying the groundwork for a future in fire service.

This week the Greensboro Fire Department is hosting it's first ever Camp Spark for girls, all week these young ladies will learn what it takes to be a firefighter and the importance of self-confidence and perseverance.

Brittany King is a senior fire fighter for the city of Greensboro she came up with the idea for Camp Spark, because she knows the importance of continuing to diversify our fire stations across the country.

"The Fire service is predominately male, right now in the country the fire service is less than 11% female and the big part of the reason behind that is the lack of representation."

So she and some of the other female firefighters from across the Triad put together this four day camp to inspire the next generation of firefighters just like 14 year old Abbey Linek. 

Abbey says she's wanted to be a firefighter ever since she was 5 years old. Now she's 14, and wants to become an inspiration for the young girls that share the same dream she has.

"Yeh I feel like there are a lot of male fire fighters and there's not enough female fire fighters. And I think being a female firefighter will be a great role model for future generations to come. "

Attached is a link for all the information you need to know to get your teen enrolled in next year's camp. 

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