GREENSBORO, NC -- It sounds so simple, a few sticky notes with an encouraging messages on the walls of a high school, but a few turned into many and now Northwest Guilford High School is covered in sticky love notes.

"They just had a lot of positive things written on them like, ‘fight hate with love,’ and that, ‘you’re not alone,’ and that ‘you’re appreciated,’ and I just tagged them with the hashtag spread the sticky notes," Sophomore student Trinity De Risio said.

De Risio decided to put up the notes during lunch on Tuesday.

"I just felt like the school was really dark in a sense and it just needed some light and some positivity in it," she said.

That's because a video surfaced online showing two of De Risio's classmates at Northwest Guilford making vulgar and racist comments. Guilford County School told WFMY News 2 that those students were disciplined and they're starting training to make sure all of their schools are safe and accepting.

"We almost try to not talk about [the video] in a sense but in two of my classes we did have a whole discussion about it that this was not okay and this is not what we want to be known for, not everyone that goes to our school is like this, because a lot of people at my school are really nice and really caring and really happy people," De Risio said. "Because if someone is upset in the hallway they aren’t going to be upset for long because someone is going to take care of them."

De Risio said she hopes the notes continue to spread and that the message of love sticks.