WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The community is rallying around a new Triad bakery that was completely trashed during a break-in.

Ta'Nisha Kimbrough, the proud owner of Ta'Nisha Monique Cupcakes LLC on Liberty Street in Winston-Salem, said she's still "picking up the pieces" after Monday's burglary. 

Kimbrough said she got a call around 3:30 a.m. from a cousin saying a stranger was answering her business cellphone, which she left at the shop the night before. She called the number and the stranger explained they had just bought the phone off someone in the street. They said they were willing to return it.

The baker met the person in possession of her phone at the gas station across the street from her shop. Curious, Kimbrough decided to walk to her shop and see how the burglar got a hold of her phone. The door was unlocked.

"That wasn't possible," Kimbrough said. "I'm very anal about closing my door every night."

Kimbrough said because it was so early in the morning, the shop was very dark and she didn't want to put herself at risk. She called her father, a retired Winston-Salem police officer, who advised she not enter the building and to let police survey first.

Police officers and forensics found the building completely torn apart. Kimbrough said they found the suspect's "blood everywhere" after they seemingly injured themselves in the process of breaking in.

"I had to throw away a lot of stuff," Kimbrough said. "He messed up more than he stole." Surveillance footage shows the suspect walking out of the shop carrying bags. Kimbrough says the only valuables the suspect stole was her phone, the rest were materials and actual cupcakes in the stands. 

"He left the money in the freezer," Kimbrough says.

After the incident, Kimbrough said there's been an outpouring of support from the community, with some using the hashtags #OURbakery and #BuyOutTheBakery to rally folks to help the baker get back on her feet.

After two hectic days of getting everything back to how it was, Ta'Nisha Monique Cupcakes LLC has reopened.