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'It's Hard To be Strong When That Person Was Your Strength' Hanes Mall Shooting Victim's Wife Promises To Keep His Memory Alive

Julius Sampson's wife, Keyia, says she's still in disbelief this is all happened just one day after an unforgettable family vacation.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — It's only been four days, but for Keiya Sampson and her family, it feels like forever and longer.

"Everybody's telling me be strong, but it's hard to be strong when that person was your strength," she said.

In a matter of hours, her reality went from complete bliss to sadness beyond words when a shooting near Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem left Julius Sampson's three children without a father and his wife completely torn.

Police say Julius Sampson, Keyia's husband, was shot outside BJ's Restaurant and Brew House, his favorite spot -- their spot -- in Winston-Salem.

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"The fact that somebody just being... not even human, to take that away from us, is where my confusion sets in," Sampson shared.

Juilius, who she calls a "gentle giant," was her life partner, her best friend and she's still in complete disbelief she's planning his funeral.

"I just keep wanting to wake up and be like Dorothy and click my heels and be back on the cruise ship," Sampson added.

But even amidst the questions and unknowns behind her husband's murder, there's one thing Mrs. Sampson knows for sure: "knowing that he left here trying to help and save somebody."

Mrs. Sampson says she's thankful for the community's support, and every single person who has reached out or tried to help her and her family during this difficult time. She says she will continue to fight until justice is served for her husband.

"I won't stop until my husband has gotten what he promised me, which was to be there for me, to protect me, and to never ever ever ever leave my side, and I'm not gonna leave his," Sampson said.

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His funeral -- or celebration of life -- is Tuesday at Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.