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Looking Back One Year Later At The First Video Of The April 15th Tornado

Addison Highfill sent WFMY News 2 the first video of the twister as it ripped through NE Greensboro.

One year later and the first video of the April 15th tornado is still scary to watch. Addison Highfill was working at an event downtown when the weather started to get dicey. He pulled out his phone and captured the first look at the funnel cloud.

The video is only four seconds long but it's the first shot meteorologists and WFMY News 2 had of the actual twister. Highfill says he's glad he was there.

"I’m glad I got the video but I’m not glad that it happened. I can be not really worried about it at the time because it didn’t affect me personally but it really affected the community," he said.

We sat down with Highfill one year later. He said he still remembers details from that day.

4 Seconds: First Video Of The April 15, 2018 Tornado As it Ripped Through NE Greensboro

"It’s pretty crazy. I had the door open when I took the video but I shut it after and it pretty much slammed shut because there was so much wind going every which way and it was quite scary."

Highfill says he and his coworkers got everyone downstairs safely. Still he knows most people weren't so lucky.

"I was miles away from it but people had to experience it coming through their homes and running their lives so its very… it’s hard," Highfill said.

One Year Later: The April 15 Tornado

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