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My 2 Cents: Try to fit in a 30-minute walk throughout the week

WFMY News 2's Lauren Coleman encourages people to walk for 30-minutes a few times a week.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wednesday April 7 is “National Walking Day.”

It’s recognized on the first Wednesday in April and is sponsored by the American Heart Association.

The goal is to remind people about the health benefits of walking.

Get this! All you need is a pair of sneakers and to walk for at least 30-minutes.

According to health experts, a half hour walk can help to reduce stress, build muscles, and prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Here are some fun ways you can participate:

  • Hit the Greenway or one of the trails at our many beautiful parks here in North Carolina.
  • Take a nice stroll around your neighborhood.
  • Grab your dog or any of your furry friends so they can get their hearts pumping too.
  • Jump on the treadmill

No matter what you choose, don’t let National Walking Day be your only day of walking.

Healthy living isn’t a one-day type of thing. It is a process.

Use this day as a catapult to get more physical fitness into your life.

Maybe you set aside time to walk twice a week.

Maybe you get with a couple of friends and start a walking schedule.

Get out there and enjoy this warm weather!

That’s My 2 Cents. 

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