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Greensboro area considers another social district on State Street

Business owners on State Street said designating a new social district in their area could create a big boost for business.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Pretty soon, you might be able to walk around State Street in Greensboro with alcohol.

The city is considering opening its second social district.

Downtown kicked off the idea earlier this year and a map of what the State Street social district would look like is already available. 

Along the street, Friday night comes at a lower volume than downtown. You can still find plenty of people inside places like Bull City Ciderworks on the weekends.

Jessica Harris is the taproom manager at Bull City

"We're a little bit on the quieter side," Harris said.

Other businesses have seen growth here in the last year. Tyler Miller and his dad opened State Street Wine Company earlier this year.

"For the past seven, eight months there have been a lot of new businesses opening. New bakeries, new boutiques. It's just a revival of State Street recently," Miller said.

Miller and his dad hope to bring the idea flourishing downtown to their part of town.

A social district allows people to bring alcoholic drinks from one participating bar, restaurant, or shop to another.

"I used to work at Little Brother downtown so I saw firsthand the benefits of it," Miller said. "Just kind of bring back the social aspect, it benefits everyone on the street and brings people out and about rather than people standing still at a bar."

The current proposal for the district would include businesses between Georgia and Roseland Streets on one end and between palm street and church street on the other.

City council was set to approve the plan earlier this week but delayed the vote until its next meeting later this month to allow more time for businesses to prepare.

“I've wanted it to be passed sooner than later. We're in the holiday season right now. This is a perfect time to do this, to be shopping and sipping. I'm just crossing my fingers that it gets passed," Harris said.

There's also a proposal to expand the social district downtown.
Council members will talk about that plan next month.

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