WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — With new case numbers every day, and new information available constantly, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. 

Pastor Emily Hull McGee wants to make sure people have the opportunity to unwind, vent, and pray during this time when nerves can be high. 

So, she took to the front steps of First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem to let people do just that. 

"Hi how are you all?" said Hull McGee.

She greeted complete strangers. She asked them how they were doing and what was on their mind.

"I find myself in these days trying to pause for gratitude for God and what gifts are present in the midst of fear and anxiety," she said.

She sat on the steps for two hours, waiting and listening to anyone who came along.

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"What's on your mind today?" she said.

"Right now, we're not physically here. We're all scattered in our homes around the community so I found myself thinking what would be a safe way to just be present in our community?" she said.

Two people passed by the steps and started up a conversation.

"Y'all taking good care in the midst of the virus that's going around?" asked Hull McGee.

She offered to pray.

"Is there anything I can pray for you all about?" she said.

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The two men bowed their heads with the pastor as Hull McGee prayed. 

"I thank you for their lives and what they mean to this world," she said, "God this is an uncertain time and we know that you are present in it all we are grateful."

Hull McGee said the idea came to her last night. She posted the idea to a community group on Facebook.

"Folks are experiencing a range of emotions," she said.

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She also sat down with WFMY News 2's Marissa Tansino, just to talk about what's going on in the world. 

"Trying to just push through and stay positive," said Marissa, "We'll see an end to this one day. Hopefully we'll see some sense of normalcy. The concern is the unknown. Not knowing when that will be."

"I had a friend who texted me and said 'I'm really struggling, are you awake?' I said, 'Give me just a second, let me get my glasses on!' and we talked and we both felt better," said Hull McGee. 

Pastor Hull McGee said as long as she's within the guidelines of the stay at home orders in the future, she would love to continue offering a conversation or prayer to anyone who needs it.

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