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87-year-old Brunswick woman shows up daily at Glynn Co. courthouse in solidarity with Ahmaud Arbery's family

"If I can't help you. I'm not going to hurt you."

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The death of Ahmaud Arbery trial is something people have been anticipating for months. It's drawn national scrutiny. 

Demonstrators and supporters have shown up to Glynn County in solidarity with the Arbery Family.

As for people who live in Brunswick, their experience is different. One Brunswick woman has been visiting the courthouse for weeks. She would be seen in the hot sun or sitting out in the cold. It is her way of demonstrating she cares. 

To Annie Polite, 87, being in solidarity means showing up when it matters. If that means marching around the courthouse or watching the trial from outside the courthouse. The former Glynn County bailiff said, "it's about time that we get the justice we deserve." 

 "I do it because I feel that they should be [doing] that too," Polite said. "Everybody should be involved." 

Polite's peers told First Coast News how she does not care if she was the only person sitting outside the courthouse. 

They said Polite would be out with a sign to carry. The 87-year-old said she is dedicated to seeing the Arbery family get justice.

 To Polite, justice is something she did not see often in Brunswick. She hopes people will start getting involved more often in the community. 

Polite said she hopes the trial will spark the change she wants to see in Brunswick; which is unity. 

"I love people. I always try to help," Polite smiled. "If I can't help you. I'm not going to hurt you."

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