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Blind Tiger shooting: Gunfire heard in background of 911 call

"There's one! There's two, three, four!" A caller was on the phone with 911 as shots rang out at a Greensboro nightclub. Police said two people were shot.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro city officials released 911 calls from a shooting at the Blind Tiger. In one of the calls, gunshots can be heard. 

A caller from a nearby business is heard telling the operator that some employees witnessed people running with handguns through the parking lot, but no shots had been fired at that point. A little later into the call, pops of gunfire can be heard in the background, and the caller and operator tell people to get inside for shelter. 

Police said two people were shot at the nightclub on Spring Garden Street last Wednesday. Officials said one person had minor injuries and another was already taken to a nearby hospital when police got there. No arrests have been made. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000. 

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Here's the full transcript of one of the 911 calls:

OPERATOR: "Tell me exactly what happened." 

CALLER: "[Redacted]...toward the Blind Tiger direction. And they witnessed multiple individuals running with handguns through the parking lot."

CALLER: [speaking to someone in the background] "Don't leave...stay here." 

OPERATOR: "Alright, hold on one second..."

CALLER: [speaking to someone in the background] "Are they in the parking lot right now?"

CALLER: [speaking to operator] "My employees are [redacted]."

OPERATOR: "Alright and when did this happen?" 

CALLER: "Just now – I called you immediately." 

OPERATOR: "Where are the weapons now?"

CALLER: "The employee said they were in their hands. They said they're getting into cars right now."

OPERATOR: "Have shots been fired?"

CALLER: "I haven’t heard any gunshots, no."

*Gunshots can be heard at this point in the 911 call.*

CALLER: "There’s one! There’s two, three, four!" 

OPERATOR: "OK, OK, OK, stay in the building, OK?"

CALLER: [speaking to people in the background] "Everybody in the building, please! Get in the building!"

*More gunshots can be heard on the 911 call.*

CALLER: "Five, six, seven, eight!"

OPERATOR: "I hear it. What type of vehicle are they getting into?"

CALLER: "I don’t know. We ran in the building."

OPERATOR: "OK, were any of your employees able to see?"

CALLER: "I'm going to look at the security cameras right now. No, none of my employees saw it...I'm gonna pull up the security cameras and see if I can see anything."

CALLER: "There's two cars racing away right now. One's a black sedan. One's a silver SUV. There's multiple cars fleeing, actually." 

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