GREENSBORO, N.C-- 41.That's the number of people who've been murdered in Greensboro this year.

That's the most in the city's history.

Just last week, a young man and woman were gunned down making them the most recent murder victims in the city.

Police are hopeful 2018 will be different.

The deadly streak in Greensboro started, only two weeks into 2017.

On January 14th Terry Allred was shot and killed at a Citgo on Mlk Drive. His killer still on the loose.

Two days after that, a man from out of down was found dead on Fairview Street. He too was shot and killed.

Fast forward to today.

The number of homicides now reaches 41.

Greensboro police say these crimes are happening all over town.

"There's no one specific area that's more intensified than others."

Captain Nathaniel Davis is the Commander of Investigative Division at the Greensboro Police Department. He says in order to bring the numbers down, investigators need to figure out the root cause of crime.

"We have to look at what's driving crime whats going on with our youth are there other underlying factors in our community that we need to address," he said.

Gun violence is up this year as well.

As of December 6th, police data shows there's been 493 shootings this year so far compared to 465 for all of last year.

Right now, about 21 homicides still have no arrests, but Capt. Davis says progress is being made.

"Some of those we have significant information, we may be waiting for anything any type of evidence from DNA or electronic information that we waiting for to move forward with those cases."

Capt. Davis says more work needs to be done, but the police department can't do it alone.

"A wholistic approach not only involves the police department—police, local partners, key stakeholders, our local government and most of all most importantly our community members."

Capt. Davis says trust in police and communication have improved this year.

He says that's evident with the higher number of tips sent in to crime stoppers and gun stoppers.