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55 animals rescued from Denton home after found in bad shape

Melina Kay Robinson, 68, was charged with 10 counts of felony cruelty to animals.

DENTON, N.C. — Fifty-five animals were rescued from a home in Denton, North Carolina. The woman accused of mistreating them faces several felony animal cruelty charges. 

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Randolph County Sheriff's Office said a sergeant went to the home of Melina Kay Robinson, 68, on Sandalwood Drive on June 14 to serve a criminal summons for livestock running at large but she wasn't there. While there, the deputy saw signs of animal neglect, so a referral was made to the county animal services. 

Three days later, deputies and animal control officers went to check on dogs on the property. They made contact with Robinson who gave consent for a welfare check of her animals. Investigators said it was evident that serious neglect had gone on for some time on several of the animals. 

As a result, 44 dogs, seven cats, one rabbit, one bird, one guinea pig, and one turtle - a total of 55 animals - were taken off the property. Investigators cited poor living conditions, malnourishment, lack of basic dietary needs, and obvious untreated wounds on some of the animals. 

Twelve dogs were taken to veterinarian clinics to receive immediate care. They are now back in the custody of animal services where they are in stable condition. 

All of the animals are receiving treatment. 

Robinson was taken before a magistrate where she received 10 counts of felony animal cruelty. 

The sheriff's office said more charges could be forthcoming as the investigation continues. 

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