ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — A 16-year-old Eastern Alamance High School student has bonded out of jail after being arrested for having a gun on a school campus, according to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office. 

The incident happened on Thursday. 

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office says a semi-automatic rifle was found in the student's car, which was in the school parking lot. Court documents say the gun was a Norinco SKS Assault Style Rifle with a brown nylon sling.

"I was very shocked and surprised at this one current incident would happen at all, but especially two in the same day so I was very shocked and surprised for sure," said Lt. Brandon Mays. 

Deputies say this incident is not related to Thursday's incident at Williams High School, where another student was found with a gun at school. 

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Deputies say a school resource officer at Eastern Alamance High got a tip about the student selling marijuana out of his vehicle in the school parking lot. They say the student was taken to the office and searched, and officials found a folding blade knife on him. 

After finding the knife, deputies searched the student's car, where they found the gun and marijuana. 

The Eastern Alamance student was charged with having a gun on educational property, having a weapon that is not a gun on educational property, and resisting a public officer. 

Court documents say the student refused to place his hands behind his back when instructed to do so by the deputy. 

His secured bond was set at $8,500.