Charleston, SC (WLTX) - A former South Carolina police officer will soon be sentenced for shooting and killing an unarmed man in 2015 in a case that made national headlines.

Federal documents show Michael Slager will be sentenced on December 4 at the federal courthouse in Charleston.

Back in May, Slager pleaded guilty to federal civil rights charges of excessive force in the death of 50-year-old Walter Scott.

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On April 4th of 2015, Slager--who was then working for the North Charleston police department-- pulled Scott over for a failed brake light. Scott was in the process of buying a used Mercedes Benz from his neighbor and did not have insurance or registration in his name for the car.

draftWalter Scott (Family Photo)

As Slager was checking his information, Scott ran from his car and Slager took off after him. Dashcam video captured the beginning of the chase, but the seconds following, as Scott and Slager ran 200 yards to a side street.

Slager has said that he fired his Taser, with a cartridge attached, two times and got in a ground fight with Scott as he was trying to arrest him.

A cell phone video taken by Feidin Santana, a man walking to work that day, picked up the tail end of the fight and showed Scott running away as Slager fires eight shots, hitting Scott five times in the back.

Slager had maintained from the beginning that he fired in self-defense.

After the video became public, Slager was fired, his attorney dropped him as a client, and he was arrested and booked on a murder charge.

In exchange for the plea, Slager avoided local charges of murder. He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison.