ONSLOW COUNTY, NC – The FBI has searched a landfill looking for any possible clues that could help in the search to find missing 3-year-old, Mariah Woods.

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Stanley Meador, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent said on Friday, they have searched through 95,000 pounds of trash while looking for items in the landfill.

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He also said the FBI has sent off additional items of interest again today to be tested at the Quantico in Virginia. That’s in addition to the items they sent on Thursday to the lab.

It all comes as more than 700 volunteers showed up early Friday morning to help search for Mariah. Volunteers came as far away as Raleigh to help find the little girl.

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Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said volunteers did find some items while searching. However, the FBI said they do not believe the items are related to Mariah’s disappearance but they will still test them to make sure.

Law enforcement brought in an underwater sonar to help in their search of lakes in the area.
They also said cadaver dogs are still searching for Mariah.

Community efforts have included a volunteer sign up at Haws Run Fire Department, which is separate from Friday's official search and Facebook pages have also been created.

On Thursday, Meador stressed the agencies are working to build a detailed timeline and also said Woods' family is cooperating in the investigation.

When asked about whether child services had ever been called to Woods' home, Meador wouldn't elaborate, saying "we will continue to follow up on any investigative leads that will come in."

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"As a father and a grandfather, for a little 3-year-old girl, I'm emotional about this," Miller said when asked what Woods' disappearance means to him. "We want to find Mariah and bring her back."