MOSES LAKE, Wash. — Footprints in the snow led Moses Lake police to a man who stole packages off of a resident's porch, according to a recent post from the police department. 

On Wednesday afternoon, a community member in Moses Lake called in to report seeing a man walking down Eastlake Drive carrying what looked like recently delivered packages. 

The suspect was arrested and identified as 19-year-old Joseph Trillo.

When an officer arrived to the scene, he found two discarded, empty packages, as well as a set of footprints in the fresh snowfall, according to the Facebook post. 

The tracks in the snow continued on for over a mile and led the officer to an address in the 1300 block of Columbia Avenue.

Officers made contact with Trillo at the home and arrested him. He was booked for the theft charge, as well as for violation of a no-contact order.

Administrators, including the Chief of Police responded to the call, due to most of the patrol officers in calls dealing with the snowfall and related accidents. 

All of the stolen items were recovered from the house and returned to their rightful owner.

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