TRINITY, N.C. — Homeowners say things are back to normal in their neighborhood after an illegal gaming establishment was shut down. The Randolph County Sheriff's Office seized 25 machines, cash, and documents from the 62 Blue Arcade in Trinity.

"They went in and basically took everything. Loaded up the U-Haul and the place has been quiet ever since," said Brad Acquilin who lives right down the street.

Randolph County Sheriff, Greg Seabolt, said after receiving those tips, law enforcement got someone into the establishment to witness the activity for themselves.

"Cars would wrap all the way around, up the street both sides on the weekends, so it was growing," said Acquilin. He said he never went into the establishment because he had no interest, but he's glad it's much quieter now. 

Sheriff Seabolt called in the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation after numerous tips from the community concerning the illegal business. The Sheriff said he's seeing more establishments like this pop up after being run out of other areas. 

Cash, Gaming Machines Seized at Illegal Casino Raid in Randolph County

Greensboro Police started cracking down on fish games back in June of 2017. 

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Alamance County did something similar this past April saying all locations were to be closed by May 6. 

In October of 2018, Burlington Police seized 90 machines as part of its operations. 

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The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation provided a statement on what the community can do to help combat illegal gaming: 

"These investigations often stem from the complaints of community members to local law enforcement and ALE about increased criminal activity surrounding these establishments. By educating the public about increased crime, strain on local law enforcement resources and other negative effects of an illegal casino on a community, the ALE Gaming Section hopes to deter these businesses from even opening."

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Sheriff Seabolt said a lot of people engaged in fish games are usually addicted to it.

"Now it's back to normal. The way it used to be. Quiet, no extra traffic, no extra attention," said Acquilin.

Sheriff Seabolt said charges are expected at some point this week.