GREENSBORO, N.C.-- A man was caught on security camera after breaking into New Goshen United Methodist Church, but the pastor says this isn't the first time.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Pastor Alfonza Everett says a man broke into the church through the women's restroom.

What the man didn't know was that the church's security system was watching and waiting.

The man is seen walking around in the fellowship hall, before the alarm sounds. He makes it out before police arrive .

"As far as we a can determine there was nothing that was taken due to the fact that the alarm went off and it frightened him out of here," Pastor Everett said.

Last year, someone broke into the church the same way, through the same window, damaging the heating unit right below the window.

Pastor Everett says that window has now been upgraded.

"They will not be able to come up in that window again," he said.

The trouble doesn't stop there. About three weeks ago, the catalytic converter was stolen from the church's van. Pastor Everett says he's disappointed someone would take from the church.

"Churches are for the benefit of the community and whenever you take away our ability to help, you are not only helping the community but you may be also hurting yourself," he explained.

In 2013, copper was stolen from AC units outside the church amounting to thousands of dollars.

Barbed wire now covers the biggest unit.

As for the van, Pastor Everett says it's no longer parked on church grounds in hopes of stopping catalytic converter thefts.

He also says more security cameras will be added to the building.

Pastor Everett wants people to know if you need something ask rather than steal.

"We are not a wealthy church but we give when we can and members of this church will give and they constantly give."