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Caught on video: Greensboro man beaten in Georgia jail

Attorneys said correctional officers were caught on tape beating an inmate from Greensboro while in a Georgia facility.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — Three Georgia correctional officers were arrested Tuesday after a Greensboro man became the center of a jail beating that's gaining traction online. 

Attorneys for 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs said the Georgia correctional officers were seen on surveillance video beating him for no reason. 

The video was taken back in September and was released by Hobbs' attorneys this week.

Jarrett Hobbs was first arrested in Camden County, Georgia for speeding, driving without a license and drug possession. It was inside the county jail that the incident took place.

Hobbs can first be seen pacing in his cell and heard banging on the door. His attorneys said he was having a psychological episode.

Court records show guards entered his cell because he refused to stop kicking the door. Five guards walk in during the video. One grabs him by the neck and pushes him onto the bed.

Several guards can be seen restraining and hitting him before throwing him into a wall outside the cell.

The struggle continues for about two minutes. Hobbs is restrained in a wheelchair and another jailer forcefully wheels him back into the cell, hitting the bed several times.

A probation officer testified that one deputy's hand was broken during the incident and others were bruised and punched.

Hobbs' attorneys said in a press conference Wednesday that Hobbs did not get any medical treatment afterward.

Civil rights attorneys Harry Daniels and Bakari Sellers are representing Hobbs.

"He could have been yelling, lift every voice and sing. None of it matters because what they did to him was a criminal act," Sellers said.

Attorneys are calling for the officers involved to be fired and arrested.
The Georgia bureau of investigation and the sheriff's office say separate investigations are ongoing.

After his arrest, Hobbs was extradited back to Guilford County for a federal parole violation.

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