GREENSBORO, NC - A suspicious fire call lead to a homicide investigation early Saturday morning.

According to Greensboro Police, a man noticed a fire burning in a wooded area past the dead end of Falconridge Ct. around 5:00 in the morning.

When the Greensboro Fire Department responded, they found a car was actively burning. After extinguishing the flames, firefighters said they found human remains in the car.

Police are investigating this as a homicide. Due to the condition of the body, police said they are unable to give any description of the person inside the car.

Neighbors who live nearby are still in shock over what happened.

It was a day that started in triumph and celebration for Angel McCoy -- celebrating her high school graduation with her family.

"We were having my graduation party, until I came back and saw a bunch of police," said McCoy.

But it ended in tragedy and fear.

At the end of her street, about 100 yards into the woods, a homicide investigation was underway when McCoy returned home.

"I was in shock when I heard about the devastation," said McCoy. "I'm going to keep praying and hopefully it's not going to be in my family."

Melted car parts and burned debris mark the spot where police discovered human remains inside a burning car.

The flames got so high, leaves were torched on the trees above.

Treva Hairston watched the investigation unfold from her friend's front porch.

"I thought I was coming here to just to enjoy the weekend, graduation weekend, and this is just very scary," said Hairston.

The graduation party still went on as planned.

But the homicide investigation has been like a dark cloud over the neighborhood.

"It just really saddens my heart," said Serena Gibbs. "The people in this community are really quiet and they stay to their self. To see somebody come up and do something like that it's really a sad situation."

Police don't have any leads on a suspect at the time of this report.

Investigators don't know how long the car was on fire or how long the body was inside.