RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Alexander Davis is still shaken up after he begged for Jason Edward Brown - someone he did not know - to leave, as Brown pushed harder and harder against the front door. 

Only minutes before the terrorizing experience, Davis says the suspect came into his backyard, where he was working on his motorbike with his young son. 

"He was walking up and just talking to me like he was my best friend, like I’ve known him for 20 years. And I just kind of ignored him just for a couple of minutes," Davis explained, "My son wandered off, he drug him back by, he didn't really drag him… But he grabbed him by his arm and I didn't like some random man touching my kid. I picked up my son and I brought it in the house and I told him, I said I don't know who you are or whatever but please you just need to leave."

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Davis thought the man would leave, but then, he heard a jingling noise at the front door. 

"He kept trying to nudge the door with his elbow, and shake it trying to get in, and that's when my heart hit my feet," he said, "Instantly I felt was like he was trying to come in and hurt me and my family."

Davis says, he took his shot gun, and fired a warning shot out the back of the home, but then things escalated. He says the suspect began to kick harder, knocking part of the door off the hinges, even trying to reach inside. 

That's when he fired back. 

"I had no choice, I felt, I told him like 10 times while he kept nudging, and nudging me that he just needed to leave, and that I didn't want to do this, I'm not trying to do this," Davis said, "I said - just leave and you are terrifying me and my family. And whatever he was reaching for, he was trying to get inside and he kept nudging… If I wouldn't have [shot] at that second, he would’ve been in my house the next second."

Davis said he didn't want to do it. He said he's a complete wreck following the terrifying incident. But, he's glad Brown is behind bars, and his family is safe. 

Brown was arrested after receiving treatment at the hospital. He is charged with felony breaking and entering, terrorize and injure, injury to real property, misdemeanor second degree trespassing, and misdemeanor resisting a public officer. He was placed in Randolph County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.