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Lock your doors! Crooks are targeting cars at home during coronavirus concerns

Caught on camera in Greensboro: you won't believe has fast this group of crooks tried to get into the cars.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Now that so many of us are parked at home because of coronavirus, our cars are like sitting ducks for thieves. 

Take, for example, a video from Blanton Place in the New Irving Park area of Greensboro, two nights ago.

Two cars drive through the neighborhood, scoping things out when six people hop out and check every door to see if any of them are unlocked. 

An angle from a neighbor's house gets a closer look. It appears the crew members are wearing gloves and plastic masks over their faces.

Police say this time, nothing was reported stolen. 

But it's a good reminder of how it only takes seconds for a crook to put a damper on this already dreary situation of staying at home.

Police say the best thing you can do to protect yourself is simple: lock your car.

"We want residents to lock your doors, remove all valuables and weapons from their vehicle, and make sure to take their keys," Greensboro police wrote to WFMY News 2 about the video. "Most larceny from auto is because the vehicle is unlocked."

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