Winston-Salem Police have their first official 'clown hoax.'

Early Friday morning, a man reported suspicious activity from someone dressed in a clown suit around his home. David Armstrong, of Salem Crest Lane, claimed the fictitious clown knocked on his window before fleeing to the woods. Armstrong called the police at 2:48 a.m. after alleging he chased the clown away.

After the investigation, Armstrong confessed to fabricating the story. Police charged Armstrong with Filing a False Police Report and he was placed into Forsyth County Dentition Center with a court date of Sept. 12.

Separate reports of clown sightings in Winston from last Sunday and Monday are still being investigated. WSPD say the other reports aren't substantiated at this point but they're still taking them seriously. Surveillance footage of the site of Sunday's sighting doesn't show a clown, but authorities say it's possible the clown was too deep in the woods to be seen. Around 8:30 at the 1200 block of E.29th Street, a clown reportedly tried to lure children into the woods with candy. The clown was seen by two children and heard by one adult.

Later that night at 12:20 a.m., a caller said they saw a clown in the 1600 block of Hope Lane. Officers weren't able to locate the subject.

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