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'Two Men With A Gun Tried To Kidnap My Son,' Davidson County Mom Warns About Stranger Danger

The Davidson County mom said lessons about 'Stranger Danger' came in handy when the men tried to lure her son into a Blue BMW.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A Davidson county mom has a warning for parents after she says two strange men tried to kidnap her son as he was playing in front of their home.

It happened on Swicegood Road in Tyro Sunday morning. The mom who didn't want to be identified out of concern about her safety said her son did exactly what she taught him to do when approached by strangers. She said that lesson about 'stranger danger' came in handy when the two men tried to lure her son into their car.

"There were 2 guys inside that had motioned for him to come over and they were hollering at him to come and get into the vehicle," she said.

According to the mom, the two men were in a Blue BMW and were parked in front of her driveway.

 "When they did the hand motion for him to come, my son noticed that they were actually holding a gun," she added.

The mom said that's when her son ran back into the house immediately to come and get her. She, in turn, went outside to confirm what her son had just described to her.

"They noticed me because they looked at me, he sat up and then they took off," she said.

Before they left, the mom said she had gotten a good glimpse of them to give a proper description to police when she called 911 and filed a report. 

"They looked like they were in their 30s or 40s, they were older and they were white with dark hair," she said.

The mom said it was a close call and she posted an alert on social media to warn other parents 

"They could have 'went' down the street and tried to take somebody else. I wanted to try to stop another kid from that happening to them or to make people aware."

The Davidson County sheriff's detectives investigating the incident would only confirm that there is a report on file and detectives are looking into the matter.


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