RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina's parole commission is considering whether to release a murderer who spent a quarter century on death row after the shotgun killings of two teenagers at a Greensboro motorcycle club.

The parole commission said Wednesday it could release 58-year-old Michael Pinch despite the 1979 double murder. Parole is considered for crimes committed before the state ended the practice in 1994.

Pinch's death sentence was overturned after a judge ruled 13 years ago that Pinch didn't receive a fair trial in 1980 due to police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Pinch agreed in 2006 to a first-degree murder plea and a life sentence.

Prosecutors at Pinch's original trial said he shot a 19-year-old who taunted him at the biker bar and then an 18-year-old stranger despite begging Pinch to spare him.