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Timeline: Shanquella Robinson's death, investigation developments

Here's everything we know relating to Shanquella Robinson, the Charlotte woman who was killed after traveling to Mexico with a group of friends.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It has been almost five months since Shanquella Robinson died while on vacation in Mexico. Since her tragic death, Robinson's family has demanded justice and people across the country have demanded that those responsible he held accountable. The following is a timeline of events that has taken place in the Robinson investigation.

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Oct. 29, 2022 - Shanquella Robinson's final moments

Robinson traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a group of six people for vacation in late October 2022. According to a police report, a doctor was called to assist Robinson on Saturday, Oct. 29 around 2 p.m. 

The group of people with Robinson told the doctor she had been excessively drinking. The doctor checked on Robinson and insisted on taking her to the hospital, but the people she was with refused. 

Robinson started having convulsions around 4 p.m. at which point an ambulance was finally called. Despite numerous attempts to revive her, Robinson was pronounced dead at 5:57 p.m., according to the police report.

While this is the story that appears in the police report about the incident, Robinson's death certificate says she died 15 minutes after suffering a severe spinal cord injury and a broken neck.

Late October to November 2022 - Info slowly circulates about Shanquella

Despite the brutal circumstances, details did not immediately come out about Robinson's death. It wasn't until a video began circulating in mid-November online of Robinson being beaten by a group of people in Cabo that people started focusing on the case.

But by then, nobody knew the location of the people that had traveled with Robinson and authorities refused to name any suspects in the case.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, Baja California Sur's attorney general, was later asked in an interview with a Mexican journalist why they did not prevent the group of people from leaving Mexico and keep them in the country. He stated that by the time investigators were identifying suspects, the group had already fled back to the United States.

Nov. 16, 2022 - Baja California Sur attorney general's office opens investigation 

Officials in the state Robinson died announced they were investigating the incident as femicide on Nov. 16, 2022. 

Nov. 18, 2022 - FBI opens investigation on Shanquella's death

Many called on U.S. authorities to look into Robinson's death. The FBI decided to do so on Nov. 18, however, little details have come out about this entity's investigation.

Credit: Robinson family photo

Nov. 19, 2022 - Funeral held for Shanquella

Hundreds of friends, family members and supporters gathered to say goodbye at Charlotte's Macedonia Baptist Church. Loved ones wore pink in her honor, as well as bracelets and pins with her photo. 

"She was a very humble spirit, just a very sweet girl," Latoya Young said. "She was a genuine person."

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Nov. 25, 2022 - Arrest warrant issued in Shanquella's death 

The State Attorney General's office of Baja California Sur issued an arrest warrant for femicide in connection with Robinson's death. Femicide is the equivalent of homicide in the U.S. 

Mexican authorities said extradition procedures were started in the case but did not identify the suspect(s). 

Nov. 30, 2022 - Shanquella Robinson's father speaks to WCNC Charlotte

Bernard Robinson asks Mexican authorities to charge all six people she traveled to Mexico with, saying they were responsible for her death. Robinson said the hardest part was knowing there was nothing he could do to protect his daughter in her final moments. 

"She was so full of life," he said. "I just want to know why."

Dec. 10, 2022 - Shanquella Robinson's family and friends hold rally to demand justice

Hundreds of people gathered at Little Rock AME Zion Church in Uptown Charlotte to honor Robinson's life and demand justice. Several city leaders, including City Councilman Braxton Winston and Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham, attended the event. 

"I am sad because a beautiful soul was taken," Cotham said. 

Jan. 9, 2023 - Balloon release held on Shanquella Robinson's birthday

Million Youth March of Charlotte & Salisbury hosted the event at Memorial Gardens in north Charlotte. Dozens of people showed up to release balloons in honor of what would've been her 26th birthday, including Robinson's grandson.

Jan. 17, 2023 - Mexican prosecutors update the investigation

Prosecutors said they were aiming to extradite a suspect to the country. Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, the state's attorney general, said authorities were focused on locating the suspect. He said they were working with Interpol to put out a red notice, which is a global advisory to be on the lookout for a suspect. 

Feb. 18, 2023 - Community demonstration rallies support in their quest for justice

Family members, friends and community activists came together to fill envelopes with letters to Mexican authorities begging for an arrest in the case. The group used pink envelopes, Shanquella's favorite color, to help the notices stand out

"Every time they see a pink envelope they are going to know we are trying to put pressure on them to execute the warrant to arrest these individuals," John C. Barnett said. 

March 3, 2023 - Supporters go to Washington to demand 'diplomatic intervention'

Robinson's family was joined by activists and supporters as they called on U.S. lawmakers to take action

"The ball is clearly on the United States' court," attorney Sue-Ann Robinson said. 

March 13, 2023 - Attorneys representing Shanquella Robinson's family send letter to White House

Attorneys Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson shared a letter they sent to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken that identified a woman who traveled to Mexico with Robinson that they claim was responsible for her death. The letter includes an 18-page packet with her autopsy and unreleased documents from prosecutors and police. 

"In our letter to President Biden and Secretary Blinken, we clearly stated that one of two things needs to happen: either the U.S. extradites Shanquella's killer to Mexico or the U.S. takes jurisdiction of the case and her killer is prosecuted her," Crump said. "Inaction is not acceptable in this case. Shanquella's family deserves swift justice for her death."

March 16, 2023 - White House addresses Shanquella Robinson's death

The White House publically addressed the death of Shanquella Robinson for the first time on March 16.

"Let me just first say our hearts go out to Miss Robinson's family and friends," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. "It is devastating what occurred."

Jean-Pierre shared limited insight citing ongoing efforts by the FBI, Department of Justice, and the State Department.

March 23, 2023 - Shanquella Robinson's family, attorney, advocates demand federal action on death investigation

After a panel about equal justice wrapped up on the campus of Livingstone College on March 23, Shanquella Robinson's family and their attorney promised to continue to maintain pressure on federal authorities to either prosecute the people responsible for her death or extradite them to Mexico.

Ben Crump joined Robinson's family for a news briefing at the Music Room inside the Varick Auditorium. Crump was joined by several civil rights advocates as well, who all shared similar demands for intervention at the national level.

March 28, 2023 - Legal team for Shanquella Robinson's family preparing for meeting with White House officials

Shanquella Robinson’s family's legal team said they are meeting with White House officials soon, saying it is about time the U.S. steps up and steps in so the family can get the justice they deserve.

“Our concern and the urgency, in this case, is that justice delayed could become justice denied because every day that dissipates, every moment that dissipates… witness memories fade, physical evidence dissipates,” Sue-Ann Robinson, the family’s attorney, said.

She traveled to Mexico herself for answers, even visiting the same villa Shanquella Robinson stayed at.

Sue-Ann Robinson said they want the U.S. government to intervene to either extradite the person identified or ask for a concurrent jurisdiction to do their own investigation. She said if there is no action taken by the U.S. within 200 days of Shanquella Robinson’s death, they plan to apply even more pressure and hold a bigger demonstration at the capital.

April 12, 2023 - Shanquella Robinson case won't see federal prosecution, DOJ says

The family of Shanquella Robinson and their attorney said they are "disappointed but not deterred" Wednesday after federal officials declined to seek federal charges in the death of the Charlotte woman.

Sue-Ann Robinson, the attorney for the family who is not related to the woman who died under seemingly suspicious circumstances six months ago in Mexico, slammed delays in what she said was a "so-called investigation." She said the autopsy done in the United States was done after Shanquella Robinson's body had been embalmed. 

Sue-Ann Robinson also said the reports from the second autopsy showed brain swelling, but said the cause of death was inconclusive.

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