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Was Evelyn Boswell spotted at a Yadkinville KFC?

A KFC employee believes she may have seen the missing Tennessee toddler with her grandmother and grandmother's boyfriend.

YADKINVILLE, N.C. — A Yadkinville KFC employee believes she saw missing Tennessee 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell a few weeks ago. At the time, there was no Amber Alert out for the child. 

Ashley Hutchens reported the sighting to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday to tell them she thinks the young girl she served applesauce to that day is Evelyn. 

Hutchens told WJHL a couple with a young girl came into the restaurant on State Street. She now thinks it could have been Evelyn, the grandmother Angela, and the grandmother's boyfriend William McCloud. 

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"I first recognized the boyfriend. I have tattoos, so I look at everybody's tattoos and face features and stuff," said Hutchens. "I'm really good at remembering people's faces. I remember the tattoo on his neck, it was like words or something and then I remember the cross on his face." 

Credit: Wilkes County Sheriff's Office
William McCloud and Angela Boswell

She said Evelyn seemed happy and comfortable that day. l

"She had blonde hair, blue eyes, I mean pretty. Little bow in her hair, like, popped up," said Hutchens. "I can't remember what shirt she had on, and it was like black leggings. She had one shoe on and one shoe off. Shoes was white and pink. That was basically it. Just a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and blonde hair as you could tell." 

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Hutchens said the three came to lunch in a silver car. They paid cash and didn't order food for the child. Since there wasn't an Amber Alert at the time, she didn't think much of it, but looking back, she thinks something was off. 

"I just kind of crossed my mind that something wasn't right with the whole situation." 

Yadkinville Police said they were investigating a tip in regards to a possible sighting of the child at a KFC. 

"I called TBI on Tuesday and told them about it and everything like that. And they got all my information and stuff. I guess they called my general manager and talked to him about coming, sit down, watching the film. But I reported it Tuesday. And they reported it, I guess, to Yadkin County [Thursday]." 

Credit: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Megan Boswell charged

TBI says surveillance video has been reviewed at several locations in the last week, and they did get a tip about a possible sighting at a restaurant in North Carolina. The mother, Megan Boswell, has been charged with false reporting. 

"Even if it wasn't her, and it was somebody that looked like her, it would be better to at least call it in to be 100% sure than not to say a word," said Hutchens. 

If you have any information on where Evelyn Boswell could be, call 1-800-TBI-FIND. 

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